Gikousya Co., Ltd. promotes road signs and road surface markings primarily in Tottori Prefecture, Japan.
We contribute to society by working towards creating a comfortable environment for people’s lifestyle and work.

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Business Outline

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Business Outline

■Route 9 Hojo bypass
●Design and construction of road indication and compartment lines
  • Road marking(white, yellow lines)
  • Parking lot marking(vehicle buffer stops, fences)
●Design and construction of road signs
  • Traffic regulation signs
      Warning Signs
      Guidance Sign 
      Announcement Signs
      ndication Signs
  • Guard Rails, Guard pipes, Guard cables(fences)
  • Delineators
      Channelizing Signs(Flexible delineator)
      Rex-Pole(Front area reflective)
      Self-emitting rivets(Whole body reflective)
  • Curved mirrors(Road side reflecting mirror)
  • Pavements and Braille blocks (Safety equipments for people with disabilities)
  • Other traffic safety installations
●Design and construction of sign boards
●Bridge repair design construction
  • Bridge fences
  • Steel joints
  • Seamless joints
  • Dry cut-off water Barrier Lex-M
  • Bridge collapse prevention construction
●Developments, sales and maintenance of robots

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