Gikousya Co., Ltd. promotes road signs and road surface markings primarily in Tottori Prefecture, Japan.
We contribute to society by working towards creating a comfortable environment for people’s lifestyle and work.

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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

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Any personal information received is handled according to our privacy policy as follows:
1. Personal Data Received
Personal data means private information that contains names, birth dates and other information that identifies individuals (that includes verifying other kinds of information in order to identify certain individuals).

2. Use of Personal Data Received
The personal data we obtain is used for the following purposes:

・ Sending information on our products and our company (including direct mails and emails)
・ Verifying your identity
・ Handling after-sales services, inquiries, and complaints
・ Statistical and analytical research for marketing
・ Developing new services and innovations
・ Sustaining our system and troubleshooting
・ For the purposes raised for each of our services
・ When disclosure of your personal data is required for company individuals bearing the obligation of confidentiality.
・ When it is necessary to exert company rights.
・ When validated by Personal Information Protection Law and other laws

 As a general rule, we strictly prohibit disclosure of personal information to third parties. We do not move personal data away from its storage place, reveal anything received, share any information outside our company, or use it beyond the above mentioned “Use of Personal Data”. We do not disclose the contents of any information obtained in our company to third parties, and do not use them for unjust purposes. We continue to abide by our confidentiality policy even after each service and handle all private information in the same way as when first received.

◆Changes to our Privacy Policy◆
Please be aware that changes to our privacy policy may occur. We thank you for your understanding and advise that you read our privacy policy whenever you access our website.
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