Gikousya Co., Ltd. promotes road signs and road surface markings primarily in Tottori Prefecture, Japan.
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Dreamy Line

Reflective lane markers. Highly effective at a low cost. (Patent application filed for registration of trademark)
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  • Beautiful visionary lights that create a stream of reflectors which help motorists drive safely.
  • They can form various letters and figures on one side or both sides (or a combination of the two) of concrete walls.
  • They effectively work in rainy and densely foggy conditions.
  • They have a wide range of usage and have the ability to do any application instantly.
  • Since they are made from rubber, they can work safely and in a diversified environment.


  • Concrete retaining walls and revetments.
  • Guard rails, guard pipes, guard robes, curbs, etc.
  • Curbstone blocks
  • Asphalt curbs.
  • Inner walls of tunnels.
  • Power poles (such as electrical power companies, telecommunications, and police)
  • Reflective materials for construction sites.
  • Garages and fences in residential households.
  • Any constructed structure that is visible for drivers.

Installation standard

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  • Straight line
      One in 0.75 ~ 1.0m (model 2, 3) One in 1.5 ~2.0m
  • Transition curve line
      One in 0.5 ~ 0.75 m (model 2,3) One in 1.5 ~2.0m
  • Curb lines
      One in 0.5 m, (model 2,3) One in 1.5 m.
  • On road surfaces
    Under 70 cm
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