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Reflexite (AP1000)

The worldfs best standard of powerful retroreflection!
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  • The highest retroreflective performance level in the world.
    • DL
      Signs and symbols made from this product show its ultra bright materials. You can visually see that the design is safe, secure and highly sophisticated.
      In March 2004, scenic colors of this product were developed based on the gGuideline for the Plan to Protect Scenic Viewsh issued by Japan Institute of Construction Engineering.
    • DB
      To increase daytime visibility and quality of designing, this product is enhanced with triangle patterns. The fluorescent colors increase visibility during the day.
  • It excels in simple structuresiwith no air space, water-resistant, impact-resistant and workability).
  • It also meets secondary aspects such as high flexibility(thin pipes, poles, etc).
  • Because of the thin and breakable materials in the products (highly fracture-resistant polyester material is used), it doesnft scatter when impacted. It eliminates secondary disasters.
  • It is highly weather resistant (against ultra violet lights and time degradation) andcan be used outdoors.
  • Variation of 15 colors (keeps the same reflective lights at night) are the characteristics of microprism reflective materials, except for DL scenic colors.

    ŠActual colors may not appear as in the picture.


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iBefore constructionj

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iAfter reflexites were appliedj
  • Reflective guidance on roads and railways
  • Traffic control materials for accidents and construction sites
  • Reflective markings
  • Vehicle parts
  • Decals for vehicles and motor cycles
  • Decals for shoes and helmets
  • Outdoor advertising signs
  • Maritime related items

Installation Standard

  • Best temperature for construction is between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius (50 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • To prevent reflexite from peeling off or having any adhesion failures, please clean the surfaces from dust, oil adhesion, coating removals and rust.
  • It does not adhere to fluorine resin and silicon resin.
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