Gikousya Co., Ltd. promotes road signs and road surface markings primarily in Tottori Prefecture, Japan.
We contribute to society by working towards creating a comfortable environment for peoplefs lifestyle and work.

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Automation of road surface signs

Road surface drawing device @Whatfs rue-Navi ?

Traditionally, road surface signs required manual labor work. Surfaces were measured manually, marked with chalks, and strings or threads were used for marking and drawing.
The automation of this manual operation is the device we developed-rue-Navi. It contributes to the efficiency of surface markings such as on roads and other public areas.
It has been on sale since October, 2009.

Characteristics Advantages Range of Application
Showcased at gMouke no Hanamichih! rue-Navi in action!
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Automation was formerly thought to be difficult because of the uneven conditions of roadwork sites (such as road width, surface, and gradient). rue-Navi has the ability to program letters and symbols into codes. It allows any person to operate this remote-controlled microcomputer device and draw the exact programmed sign in any roadwork or construction site. rue-Navi is a breakthrough in the development of road surface sign application.
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  • Reduction of application time (labor work and cost reduction)
  • Precision application (increased quality and equalization of performance)
  • Improved working environment (reduction of traffic obstructions at construction roadwork sites. It can be operated at night).
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Range of Application

Asphalt, concrete surfaces, and parking spaces.

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rue-Navifs promotional DVD is now available!

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rue-Navi in action!  (rue-Navi Video Library)

rue-Navi Drawing a cartoon character

rue-Navi Drawing a bicycle sign
rue-Navi Drawing a wheel chair sign

rue-Navi Drawing clusters
rue-Navi Writing the word gTokyoh in Japanese.

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